DS4A - Making IT human for everyone.

Sometimes it's far too easy for those of us that work in IT, to forget how daunting it once all was. There are more and more people and businesses taking their first steps onto the internet every day. Many are also starting to expand what they already know and do with computers, smartphones and tablets. What can seem run-of-the-mill for some is a bleak, grey, cold, insurmountable rockface to others. Here at DS4A we want to help you to scale that technological mountain. We all learn and develop in different ways and at different paces. Occasionally all that's needed is a little helping hand or alternatively you just want to leave it to those more experienced.

Here at DS4A we think the best way to help you or your business make the most of the internet or your information technology is to provide you with great advice, tools and support. Sometimes people and business like to get hands-on with a project and we can help you with intuitive tools and deliverable solutions to help you achieve what you want. On the other hand some people and businesses like to do what they do best, and leave DS4A to do what we do best. Regardless of the option you chose to take we are sure with us you'll get there quicker, easier and happier. No matter what you need from us we are here to help you. Don't choose a provider..... choose a partner.

DS4A - Memberships, Partnerships & Affiliations

As you would expect, DS4A only uses and partners with top businesses and IT sector companies and organisations. This enables us to provide you with the very best products, services and solutions, at affordable prices. Shown below are some of those companies and organisations of which we are proud to be members, work in conjunction with, or from which we receive ongoing training and development.


Nominet UK

DS4A are an official Nominet UK Registrar, and as you would expect, a full Nominet member.

The .UK domain name family including .co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk and the new shorter .uk are managed and operated by Nominet. Over 3 million businesses and millions more consumers rely on Nominet's domain registry services. Nominet safeguard the internet by providing a resilient .UK domain.  They work with registrars, law enforcement, international internet communities and support consumer safety initiatives.

Jisc UK

DS4A are an approved JISC Registrar.

Jisc have been responsible for the administration and registration of domain names under ac.uk since 1996. Jisc also manage the second level domain GOV.UK for the UK's Cabinet Office. In 2015 GOV.SCOT launched and also GOV.WALES and LLYW.CYMRU and Jisc provide administration and technical support to the Scottish and Welsh governments for these new second level domains.

DS4A was first incorporated in November 2007, by Craig Marshall. Craig has worked in the IT profession since 1994.

Initially employed by Bristol City council as part of the health & environmental services IT section based in central Bristol. Craig was the lead on the development, implementation and deployment of the directorates Intranet.

Craig went on to take up a project development role at Circle.com (UK). During his time there Craig was heavily involved with VisitBritain.com, Guiness.com (micro-site Call-To-Arms CTA's ), Chello (UGC -> LGE) and played a role in many other clients online projects.

When Circle was aquired by a European media company Craig took the opportunity to start his own Internet hosting and design company, along with Mike Tonks.

Craig has been involved in the hosting, development and design of online presence, environments and solutions ever since.

DS4A has a strong association with the South West of the United Kingdom, and focuses on it's core clients who are individuals, the self-emplyed and SME's. DS4A primarily serves Bristol, Bath, Exeter, Gloucester and Swindon, as well as the South Wales M4 corridor passing through Cardiff, Newport, Bridgend and beyond.

We like to feel we have a strong understanding of the issues that our core customers face and some of the issues that face businesses operating in more rural areas of Gloucestershire, Somerset, Devon and Wiltshire, as well as Monmouthshire, Carmarthenshire, Pembrokeshire and the Vale of Glamorgan.